Stand Inside Media is a creative production company owned and run by Steve Ewing since October 2011.

The main client for Stand Inside Media is National Geographic & Lindblad Expeditions, making short documentaries aboard their expedition vessels all over the world. Steve has filmed and edited video in places as exotic as Antarctica, Galápagos, Borneo, Arctic Svalbard, and the South Pacific Island chain.

Getting nuzzled by Galápagos sea lions and wrestling baby orangutans isn't the only fun that Stand Inside Media gets into.

The company is currently working on two exciting projects. A party game called "Movie Meets Movie" and a book called "Make Bad Art". 

"Movie Meets Movie" challenges you to take the role of the screenwriter and sell your movie idea to a high-powered movie executive. How? It's easy. Take the plots of two movies and smash them together into a new one! If your friends can guess them, they get the points. Look for a Kickstarter project, coming soon.

The book "Make Bad Art" encourages you to return to childhood when painting was all about expression. Inside, you'll find step-by-step instructions to throwing a collaborative art party that will be a blast for any age. Throw a canvas on the ground and do a drip-painting. Grab spray paint and stencil to go wildstyle. Take the fine tip of a brush and try pointillism. By using a round-robin style of creating art, you can just add your creativity to the group without worrying if it's "good".

Steve lives in Seattle when he's not traveling the world. Please feel free to get in touch by using the form on the contact page.